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Why Use A Professional Storage Company?

The main reason is damage prevention. When your items are stored you can rest safe in the knowledge that they are under the very best protection. All items are held in solid containers. We accurately and individually log all of your stored items on a computerised system, where they can be efficiently tracked and monitored in our warehouse.

We handle the items and containers as little as possible to absolutely minimise any possible risk of damage. The condition we put the items in is the exact condition you will have them returned to you.
Our Storage Security

Our secure storage is protected by a Redcare-monitored intruder alarm-system and an advanced Redcare-monitored fire-alarm. Our entire premises are covered by monitored 24 hour CCTV and there is a monitored electric fence around the perimeter providing very high security to the whole facility.

Warehouse inspection invited!

We welcome you to visit our warehouses and inspect them yourself! If you would like to do so, please contact us!

For Business Users

Items such as stock, stationary, files, office furniture, display and exhibition equipment can take up valuable space as well as been very expensive to store in your own building/office. You might be surprised when comparing the costs of your own office space with our competitive storage solutions.

  • Flexible Access to Documents
  • Archiving Boxes Available
  • Data Protection Registered
  • Computerised Management System
  • Unusual Loads, Weights and Fragile Items
  • Long and Short Term Storage


For Domestic Users

Store your domestic goods, from several boxes to your entire house/garage contents. All containers are sealed providing security of your belongings and peace of mind. You have access Monday to Friday during opening hours.

  • Easy Access to Containers
  • Storage of Personal Effects
  • High Security Premises
  • Flexible Storage Periods
  • Warehouse Inspection Invited
  • Long and Short Term Storage

Each container holds around 250 cubic ft. Most full house moves into storage will require between 3 to 6 containers. The charge is £11 (plus VAT) per container per week. Please contact us for more information.