The terms and conditions below are between Shire Link Ltd and the Hirer/Driver/Company specified within the Hire Agreement / Invoice.

Please read carefully, if there is anything you do not agree with or understand please inform a member of staff at the rental counter.


  • All Drivers MUST BE over 23 years old and UNDER 70 years and have held a Full UK/European/USA/New Zealand/Australian/Canadian Driving Licence for a minimum of 2 .
  • Drivers hiring 7.2/7.5 ton vehicles must have the C1 Category (or hold a HGV Licence) authorised to drive on their licence and have driving experience of these vehicles.
  • The vehicle may only be driven by those who have completed and signed the Proposal for Hirer Driving Insurance Form.

Drivers who are on our insurance are allowed up to 6 points for speeding, (there are certain exceptions, but these must be authorised by the management before the hire commences


Companies who hire vehicles over 3.5 GVW must have a valid operator’s licence with exemptions for private removals.


Shire Link Ltd will video camcorder around the vehicle you are hiring before you leave our depot. This will identify any existing damage to our vans before you hire and it also identifies any new damage to the vehicle whilst it has been in the hirer’s possession. In addition Shire Link Ltd will also fill out a Vehicle Hire Check Sheet which the driver must sign, this forms part of our terms and conditions.


23-25 year old £500.00
25-70 year old £300.00
7.2/7.5 ton truck /Tow bar vehicle £500.00
Using a vehicle abroad £1,000.00

Deposits are not always taken at the start of the rental agreement, but at Shire Link Ltd discretion, therefore if not taken before the hire and the van is involved in any incident / damaged or additional charges (as specified within Section 6 below) then the deposit will be taken upon return of the vehicle.

All deposits are payable on a credit/debit card and are refundable after an incident/damage/extra charge-free hire.

Please note all refunds on deposits will take at least 3 to 5 working days to show on your bank statement/account.


The Hirer will hire the vehicle for the time shown on the rental agreement/invoice overleaf; if the vehicle is not returned on time the hirer will be in breach of the conditions of the hire agreement, and therefore will be charged for further periods of hire

It is possible to extend the rental period, (subject to availability) by calling Shire Link prior to the end of the rental agreement, who will then confirm the extended hire.

No refunds are given to any vehicles that are returned early.

Saturday/Sunday hires can be returned at the time on the rental agreement, or between 5-6 pm, there is a caretaker here at this time, who will just park the van up.


All vehicles which are returned outside working hours are subject to a £30.00 fee. 

Please note, If the vehicles are returned in poor visibility or are dirty will not be inspected for damage until the next day or until  the van is cleaned


Our Insurance provides comprehensive Insurance and is included within the hire option;-; “inclusive of insurance”.

We do not provide cover for: –

  • Personal injury/ death, or to any other person carried in a Shire Link Ltd vehicle. It is advisable to take out such cover for yourself and your passengers.
  • No Insurance is given for personal property, or goods carried in or by any of Shire Link Ltd vehicles.
  • No Insurance is provided for damage to any third party property through the Hirer’s/Drivers negligence


There is £1500 Damage Excess payable per incident/accident/theft/claim for vehicles up to 3.5ton Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or £2000 per incident/accident/theft/claim for vehicles over 3.5ton Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).


You may take out your own Insurance, a valid Insurance certificate and full policy schedule must be produced before the hire commences, and the registration of our vehicle must be added to the hirer’s Motor Insurance Database (MID) Register.


We have the right to use your credit /debit card for any additional charges that may occur. (e.g Fuel Charge, AdBlue, Excess Mileage, Fines, Driver Error Breakdowns, Lost Keys, Wrong Fuel, Vehicle Flat Battery, Valet charge, off-road charge, cost of damage following Incident/Accidents etc.)

The Hirer is liable for all costs for any consequential damages that may occur following incorrect fuel being put in the Diesel tank or the AdBlue tank.

Shire Link Ltd  can charge the Hirer/Driver/Company or insurance company (if on customer’s own insurance) “off-road” charges if our vehicle is damaged  (whilst the said vehicle is repaired or off-road due to customer or 3rd party damage)

Payable at the rate of the hire charge per day until the vehicle is in fully working order and returned to our depot.


The vehicle can only be driven by the persons who have filled out our Insurance form and produced their full driving licence/passport and 1 other form of id dated within the last 3 months.

The driver/ hirer cannot do any of the following;-

  • Use the vehicle for any illegal purpose.
  • Use the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Use the vehicle outside England/Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, unless you have written permission from Shire Link Ltd.
  • Carry passengers for hire and reward.
  • Use the vehicle for racing, pace making, testing the reliability and speed, or learner driving.

All vehicles fitted with tail lifts are lifting your own goods; they must not be used to lift people. Keep the engine running whilst using the tail lift so as not to flatten the battery.


Overhead damage is NOT covered by our Insurance; a separate charge will be made for the repair and off-road charges will apply until the vehicle is back on the road.

The correct fuel is DIESEL and this must be used, DO NOT USE RED DIESEL OR BIO FUEL, our vehicles are not designed to run on these fuels and failure to comply will result in the full cost of any vehicle repairs and off-road charges.

The vehicle and keys must be looked after whilst, in the Hirer’s care, the vehicle must always be locked when you are not using it.

The hirer must not sell, rent or dispose of any part of the vehicle, nor give any legal rights over the vehicle. If any defects are found you must call Shire Link, to get further instructions, if the vehicle becomes unsafe, you must stop and inform us immediately.

Windscreen, tyres and vehicle roofs are the responsibility of the hirer.

The vehicle must return to our depot during our opening hours displayed only. Where we have agreed that the vehicle can be returned outside of our opening hours, you will remain responsible for the vehicle until it is inspected by a member of our trained staff.

The Hirer must check the vehicle for any personal belongings, we will not accept any liability for goods left in our vans, If goods/debris are left in our vehicles a £60.00 plus vat will be payable for us to dispose of your goods.

The Hirer must return the vehicle with the amount of Diesel that they took it. If not, fuel charges will apply, No refunds will be made for overfilling the fuel.

Extra charges will be made if the vehicle needs more than our standard valeting.

Animals are NOT allowed in Shire Link Ltd vehicles.

Smoking is NOT allowed in Shire Link Ltd vehicles.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that daily maintenance checks are carried out, oil/water, tyres/lights/horn/servicing(stickers displayed in cab), charges will apply through negligence.

Do not overload our vehicles, please read through the sheet on approximate payloads.

The Hirer must inform Shire Link about any incidents that may occur during the rental period, if incidents are not reported on the return or during the rental, the hirer will still be liable for any costs which occur.

The Hirer must not carry hazardous, dangerous or inflammable substances; the Hirer/Driver must ensure all loads are secured properly; all costs will be; borne by the hirer/company/payer, if an unsecured load causes damage to the vehicle rented. Please call Shire Link Ltd office/breakdown numbers if unsure or need assistance.

The Hirer/Driver/payer or company will be liable for any damage caused by our vehicle or property to a third party or property through negligence or otherwise.

Extra items that are hired e.g. Satellite navigations, sack carts, blankets/ropes, piano dolly, pallet trucks, plastic boxes, and bike ramps,  have no insurance and are hired/operated at the Hirer’s own risk. If these are hired out by Shire Link Ltd and are lost/stolen/damaged the hirer/Payer or company will have to reimburse Shire Link Ltd for replacement.

Any complaints must be made in writing to Shire Link Ltd within 7 days of the hire.


At the start of the hire period Shire Link Ltd will:

  •  Maintain the vehicle/ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and suitable for hiring at the start of the rental period/ensure the van is checked for oil/ water, all lights are working and the tyres are road legal.


In the event of a breakdown, the Hirer must contact Shire Link Ltd (telephone numbers are on the windscreen) to obtain instructions and assistance, the driver must wait with the vehicle until the breakdown services have attended and assessed the breakdown.  We do not guarantee a replacement vehicle for the continuation of your journey, but to return to Shire Links Ltd depot in Huddersfield for repairs, it is at the discretion of Shire Link Ltd to provide a replacement vehicle, Shire Link Ltd can only authorise repairs.

Shire Link Ltd will try its hardest to get you on your way as soon as possible, but we cannot accept responsibility for any charges that may occur due to our vehicle failure.


If you have an accident you must NOT admit liability, the Hirer/Driver should obtain all names and addresses of all persons involved, including any witnesses, take note of the time, date and place of the incident/accident and contact/involve the Police if needed. The Hirer must ensure the vehicle is made secure. If you have a camera please take any photographic proof.

You must then call Shire Link Ltd and on the return of the vehicle fill out an accident report form provided by Shire Link Ltd in the office.

Shire Link Ltd has the right to charge “off-road” charges in the case of damage to our vehicles.

Failure to report an accident to Shire Link Ltd within 48hrs of the incident occurring will result in all repair charges being incurred by the Hirer/Driver/Company and loss of the deposit.


The Hirer/Driver/Company will be responsible for any charges/fines or penalty charge notices that shall arise during the rental period.

Any fixed offence or penalty charge notice. contravention in respect of the vehicle under part 111 or section 66 of the road traffic act 1988 including congestion charging, low and ultra-low emission zones and any parking charge which may be incurred in respect of our vehicle in pursuance of an order under section 45 & 46 of the road regulation traffic act 1984 and regulation 6 of the road user charging regulations 2001 as amended.

Any Penalty charges incurred under the Road Traffic Act 1991.

An admin fee of £36.00 INC VAT applies to any of the above charges.


There is a mileage charge if you travel over 250 Miles per day, or 850 Miles per week. Excess   miles are charged at 20p per mile plus vat thereafter.


Repossess the Shire Link Ltd Hire Vehicle for any breach by the Hirer/Driver/Company,  or if we reasonably believe you are in breach of the Hire Agreement/Invoice.

Shire Link Ltd may repossess the vehicle and end the Hire Agreement if the Hirer/Driver/Company goes into liquidation or the Hirer/Driver/Company does not have the funds to continue with the hire agreement.


Vans and Tucks Cancellations

A 5% charge (or a minimum of £5 whichever is greater), will be charged subject to Shire Link Ltd receiving 48 hours’ cancellation notice prior to the hire. Alternatively, the full hire cost would be non-refundable.


Shire Link Ltd lawfully obtain personal data for our own use in respect of hiring/haulage contracts and does not share this information other than with Insurers where necessary following an accident/incident.